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  • 1980

    Paul Newman and Hotch filled empty wine
    bottles in the basement with homemade salad
    dressing to give as holiday gifts to friends and
    neighbors. After a few weeks, they
    came back asking for more.

  • 1982

    Newman’s Own Salad Dressing officially
    launched, generating over $300,000 in
    first-year profits. Paul declared, “Let’s
    give it all away to those who need it!”

  • 1983

    The Newman’s Own product line
    started expanding with the introduction
    of pasta sauce. Newman’s Own entered
    the Australia market.

  • 1988

    The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp opened
    in Connecticut, serving 288 kids in its first year.
    It was a place where children with life-threatening
    conditions could “raise a little hell.”

  • 1991

    Following the success of salad dressing,
    pasta sauce, lemonade, and microwave
    popcorn, Newman’s Own introduced
    salsa — all from Paul’s recipes.

  • 1992

    A significant milestone was reached:
    over $50 million had been donated to
    charity in the company’s first decade.

  • 1997

    By this time, Newman’s Own products
    had expanded globally, with distribution
    to countries including the UK, Canada,
    Australia, and New Zealand.

  • 1999

    The Newman’s Own Awards were established
    to recognize organizations with
    inspiring initiatives to help improve quality
    of life for military service members and
    their families.

  • 2005

    Newman’s Own Foundation was
    established to carry on Paul
    Newman’s philanthropic legacy.

  • 2007

    By this time, Paul Newman had helped
    establish the Committee Encouraging Corporate
    Philanthropy, The Discovery Center, and Safe Water
    Network, among other organizations.

  • 2008

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    On September 26, Paul Newman’s life and
    legacy were recognized upon his passing,
    honoring the actor and philanthropist who
    helped make the world a better place.

  • 2010

    Newman’s Own celebrated
    $300 million in charitable
    giving since 1982.

  • 2011

    The Newman’s Own product line
    grew to include frozen pizza,
    frozen skillet meals, and wine.

  • 2012

    The new SeriousFun Children’s Network brand
    was launched, uniting Paul Newman’s global
    family of camps, which have served over
    384,700 kids since 1988.

  • 2012

    Newman’s Own made a major
    commitment to support nutrition
    education and fresh food access.

  • 2013

    Newman’s Own committed $7 million
    over 3 years to support military personnel,
    veterans, and their families.

  • 2014

    The Foundation has formed a Nutrition Cohort,
    which consists of a group of 6 nonprofits, to work
    together and help address the challenges around nutrition.

  • 2015

    Newman’s Own Foundation reached
    $450 million in charitable giving since 1982.

  • 2017

    Newman’s celebrated 35 years
    of giving it all away.

“Let's give it all away”

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