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High School Quarterback Keeps Promise to Friend With Down Syndrome
Seven years after Ben Moser and his friend Mary Lapkowicz pledged to go to the prom together, they made good on their vow.
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25 Ways to Serve
From our Friends at Fisher House Foundation
Gilbert Gottfried Did A Scene From Aladdin With A Young Man With Autism
Get ready to laugh and cry at this moment from Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars.
Teen Starts Company To Make Low-Cost Printers To Help Blind People
A California eighth-grader has launched a company to develop low-cost machines to print Braille.
My Dream: A Poem from Kibera School for Girls

Eunice is in 5th grade at the Kibera School for Girls, and she is fiercely smart and creative. Her family faces challenges such as unemployment, high crime rates and poverty that are inherent in urban settlements.

5-Year-Old Gives Pep Talk About Fighting Cancer To Help Other Kids Feel Brave
Hannah Higgins is 5 years old, and she might just be the world's tiniest motivational speaker.
This Teen Dedicated Her Life To Giving Back When She Was Only 10 Years Old
“I was just so shocked by how it was growing even more, and I was getting really excited,” said Kanyetzny.
Groom Turns Cancelled Wedding Into Successful Charity Fundraiser
A Pittsburgh man whose wedding was called off decided to turn the lemons he was dealt into “LemonAID”.
Girl Sets Up Lemonade Stand To Raise Funds For Vet With PTSD, Moves Him To Tears
One compassionate 8-year-old did not even have to meet this veteran to know she wanted to step up and help him
Helping Kids Make a Difference
Here are some easy ways to make a difference and teach kids the value of giving.
Twin Carries Injured Sister Across the Finish Line in 800 Meter Race 
There was a photo finish at a junior high school track meet... as two runners crossed the line at almost the same time -- but they weren't battling for first and second place.
Pizza Restaurant Owner Wants People to Get a Free Meal on Him
He was once homeless in Detroit. But now a man in Des Moines, Iowa is using his newly opened pizzeria to give back to those who are struggling.
Healing Feeling Stories from The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
Tamara attended The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp during its very first summer in 1988. In May 2013, she returned to Camp for the first time in more than 20 years.
Cancer Patient's Inspiring Video
After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2011, a 10-year-old Avon, Conn., girl decided to fight back and inspire others along her journey.
10 Kind Acts (during the government shutdown)
Genuinely concerned citizens across the country -- some with deep pockets and others with just their bare hands to spare -- stepped in where the government had stepped out. They took care of unpaid furloughed workers, gave a boost to threatened nonprofits, and made sure that shuttered monuments looked as manicured as usual.
Mery Daniel, Boston Marathon Victim: 'Let Them Know That Life Goes On'
Studying, recovering, but mostly just enjoying life: that's how a very grateful Boston Marathon survivor Mery Daniel plans to spend her summer.
Volunteering Linked with Lower Risk of High Blood Pressure
Volunteering might literally be good for your heart, a new study suggests.
Iowa Teens Recreate Prom for Sick Friend
It was on Danna Rains' bucket list to attend her senior prom. Unfortunately, when the big day came, the teen was too sick to attend.
Charity Miles
Turn on the app, choose a charity, and press start. As you exercise, Charity Miles will donate money to the organization of your choice.
The Rent's On Me, Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada Tells His Passaic, N.J., Neighbors
Megamillionaire's pal says Quezada, who won $338M jackpot, will cover everyone on the block for a month or two.
Inspired to Act: #26Acts of Kindness to Honor Those Lost in Newtown, Conn.
Newtown's heartbreak has a lot of us asking, "What can I do?" ...What would happen if all of us committed to 20 acts of kindness to honor each child lost in Newtown.
Food for Change: 5 Food Groups Doing Great Work
Profiles on causes and organizations that are addressing issues of poverty, poor health, and food access.
Social Entrepreneurship Is Good Business
By now we've all heard of global social entrepreneurship and how important it is for companies to do their shares to contribute to building a better world.
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How to Find More Time: Give Some Away
A new study finds that those who volunteer their time feel they have more of it.
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What We Really Want From Work
Employees who have an opportunity to make a social and environmental impact on the job are twice as likely to say they are satisfied with their jobs as others.
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