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Newman's Own Foundation Announces $30 Million Commitment to Charity in Celebration of "30 Years of Giving"

May 29, 2012

Westport, CT — Newman’s Own Foundation has made a commitment to donate $30 million to charity this year, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Newman’s Own. This milestone represents the largest amount of money Newman’s Own Foundation has donated in a single year. 

To kick off “30 Years of Giving,” which continues throughout 2012, Newman’s Own Foundation has announced an initial round of grants totaling approximately $10 million. In this initial round, significant contributions are being made in support of nutrition, children with life-limiting conditions, empowerment, and the encouragement of philanthropy. These four “high impact areas” represent a refined focus for the Foundation. Examples of grantees in each of these four areas include:

  • Nutrition: Food Research and Action Center, The Food Trust, Wholesome Wave
  • Children with Life-Limiting Conditions: SeriousFun Children’s Network (formerly Association of Hole in the Wall Camps), Friends of Green Chimneys
  • Empowerment: The Discovery Center, Safe Water Network, Shining Hope for Communities, Right To Play
  • Encouraging Philanthropy: Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, generationOn, Dynamo Academy, Newman’s Own Foundation Campus Community Service Challenge

Newman’s Own Foundation, founded by the late Paul Newman, is focusing on these four areas because they represent the scope of organizations Newman originally supported, as well as opportunities for the Foundation to have an impact.

Since Paul Newman founded his food company, Newman’s Own, Inc. in 1982, Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation have donated more than $350 million to thousands of charities worldwide.   Newman established the Foundation in 2005, as a means of continuing his pledge to donate to charity all net profits and royalties from the sale of products from Newman’s Own, Inc. 

“Paul went against conventional wisdom by creating all-natural food products and giving 100% of the profits to charity,” said Robert H. Forrester, President and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation. “Early on, someone asked Paul whether a company that gives all of its profits away could survive. Thirty years later, we have not only survived, but grown and, as a result, helped thousands of organizations make a difference in the lives of others. In the first year, Paul donated around $300,000, and this year it will be 100 times that amount.”

Newman’s business model was unique when he started the company. Now, there is a rising tide of similar social business enterprises. Many organizations cite Paul Newman and Newman’s Own as a source of inspiration.

Today, the legacy continues. All after-tax profits and royalties from the sale of Newman’s Own products go to charity, helping to fulfill Newman’s commitment to do his part to help make our world a better place. The impact is best summarized with just a few examples from the thousands of programs that have benefited from funding: children with life-limiting medical conditions attend special camps where kids get to be kids instead of patients; wounded warriors and their families are empowered to overcome extraordinary circumstances; hungry children receive wholesome breakfast to nourish their bodies and their brains; residents of Africa’s largest slum experience hope through education, healthcare, and clean water; and young people around the world commit to creating social change.


About Newman’s Own Foundation

Paul Newman was committed to helping make the world a better place. To carry on his philanthropic legacy, Newman’s Own Foundation turns all net profits and royalties from the sale of Newman’s Own products into charitable donations. To date, Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $350 million to thousands of charities around the world. For more information, visit


About Newman’s Own Foundation Grantees


  • Food Research and Action Center works to improve public policies and public-private partnerships to eradicate hunger and undernutrition in the United States.
  • The Food Trust works to improve the health of children and adults, promote good nutrition, increase access to nutritious foods, and improve public policy.
  • Wholesome Wave programs improve access to and affordability of fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce for historically underserved communities.

Children with Life-Limiting Conditions

  • SeriousFun Children’s Network (formerly Association of Hole in the Wall Camps) is a global community of camps and partnership programs that create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities—always free of charge.
  • Friends of Green Chimneys assists children with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges through educational, therapeutic and outreach services.


  • The Discovery Center shapes positive attitudes about race and differences, while improving math, science and language arts skills.
  • Safe Water Network accelerates the development of innovative solutions that ensure access to sustainable and affordable sources of water.
  • Shining Hope for Communities combats gender inequality and extreme poverty in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, by linking tuition free schools for girls to accessible social services for all.
  • Right To Play improves the lives of children in disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.

Encouraging Philanthropy