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Growing a Garden and Sense of Community

Diana Mendoza was looking for a way to improve her family’s diet. She was also trying to find ways to become more involved in her community. So when Air Vista, a community garden in Columbus, Nebraska, began, Diana was eager to get a plot of land.

The community garden opened in 2014, led by the Center for Rural Affairs, an organization that believes where you live shouldn’t determine access to opportunity, education, and health. Diana has had a plot in the garden since the day it opened.
At first Diana struggled with her plants. "Everything I planted did not come up the first year, and I lost some plants each year after that. I think I know what happened and I am excited to try again.”
She has learned a lot throughout her time in the garden and has expanded the variety of vegetables she grows. Diana enjoys the help she receives from other gardeners and feels more connected with her community because of it.
She is now able to provide her family with fresh, organically-grown vegetables, which she finds special and truly unique.
Written by Anthony Petruzzelli 
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