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Working with local community organizations, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health conducts health screenings and encourages healthy lifestyles.

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health focuses on improving the health and well-being of Hispanics. In 2011 they created a program -- ¡Vive tu Vida! Get Up! Get Moving! -- that travelled to metropolitan areas around the U.S. Partnering with local community organizations, ¡Vive tu Vida! provides a friendly environment for families to learn more about healthy lifestyles, enjoy physical activity and healthy nutrition activities, get connected to community services, and receive free health screenings and referrals to follow-up health services.

Nutrition education is integral to the events, including information and workshops, healthy cooking demonstrations, and provision of healthy snacks at events. Additionally, there are opportunities for adults to become more active (through dance, walking, yoga, etc.) and for children to participate in sports.

In the 2011-2012 year, ¡Vive tu Vida! provided over 12,000 health screenings, made over 3,200 referrals to address medical conditions, and registered 4,692 participants in the Buena Salud (Good Health) Club.


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