Q: What is the relationship between Newman’s Own, Inc. and Newman’s Own Foundation?
A: Newman’s Own Foundation is a private, independent foundation governed by an independent Board of Directors. Newman’s Own, Inc. is the food products company, which donates all after-tax profits and royalties to the Foundation for distribution to great causes.

Q: What is the mission of the organization?
A: Newman’s Own, Inc. has continued Paul’s legacy by producing high-quality foods and donating all profits to great causes. The product line has grown but the mission remains the same. Newman’s Own Foundation continues Paul’s philanthropic work by making grants to nonprofit organizations that help transform lives and nourish the common good. The Foundation is committed to incorporating Paul’s spirit and values into its work.

Q: How much does Newman’s Own Foundation give away each year?
A: In recent years, annual donations have averaged more than $23 million to about 800 organizations.

Q: Who does the Foundation support and how are funding decisions made?
A: The Foundation provides grants by invitation only to organizations worldwide that meet our Funding Guidelines and fit our Focus Areas.

Q: Are there programs Newman’s Own Foundation does not fund?
A: Our Funding Guidelines describe the restrictions on the types of organizations we do not fund.

Q: How does my organization apply for a grant?
A: All grant inquiries and applications for funding are by invitation only. Regretfully, the Foundation is unable to respond to unsolicited requests.

Q: Is there a specific range for dollar amounts awarded for grants?
A: The Foundation awards grants of varying sizes depending on the specific project being funded. The average grant size is approximately $35,000.

Q: Where do you operate outside of the U.S.?
A. Newman’s Own Foundation provides grants to organizations headquartered in countries around the world, in addition to nonprofits in the U.S. that operate abroad. Newman’s Own food products are sold throughout the world, including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Q: Are your financial records open to the public?
A. As a U.S. nonprofit, our IRS Form 990-PF is publicly available. Our most recent Form 990-PF can be accessed by going to our Financials page.

Q: How is Newman’s Own Foundation related to the SeriousFun Children’s Network?
A: They are separate organizations with a shared founder. Paul Newman founded both Newman’s Own Foundation and the first camps in what is now the SeriousFun Children’s Network. SeriousFun has its own Board of Directors and raises funds for all the camps and programs around the world. Newman’s Own Foundation is pleased to support SeriousFun Children’s Network.

Funding Guidelines

Funding Guidelines

We support organizations within our Focus Areas that fit specific criteria, including the ability to leverage Foundation resources to stimulate giving from other sources.

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