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The Power of One Person

  • Diana Mendoza

    Diana Mendoza

    “The community garden is a great opportunity to be active physically as well as in my community, but most importantly I am able to provide my family with fresh vegetables free from chemicals. That is something special and truly unique.”

    Growing a Garden and Sense of Community

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  • Rojer Moody

    Rojer Moody

    “Nutrition incentive programs are good as gold.”

    Someday Farms, led by Rojer Moody, looks to help its community regain a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Kelly Carlisle

    Kelly Carlisle

    “I was meant to grow food, and growing food was going to transform my community.”

    Kelly Carlisle served her country in the US Navy, then decided to serve her neighborhood in East Oakland.

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Stories of Impact

Daycare children visiting the chickens

Empowering a Community

Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation is an organization focused on building a community to create systemic change on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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From Abandoned to Adored

From Abandoned to Adored

Once homeless, Oscar, a pot-bellied pig, now helps kids overcome their own challenges.

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Jake and Yvonne

Growing Healthy on the Reservation

The Omaha Reservation in eastern Nebraska has an epidemic-level of diabetes. One problem is that there is no grocery store in the area, making it difficult to find healthy food options.

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