Dynamo Academy

Dynamo Academy is a social enterprise which contributes to the economic sustainability of Dynamo Camp. Today Dynamo Academy provides facilities, services and training in the social enterprises sector, volunteer, community service, and sustainability.

Dynamo Academy is able to work with other partners to offer them a place to:

  • Organize conventions, seminars, company meetings, cultural events, using the various areas of the Camp
  • Promote the culture of social responsibility with committee training courses
  • Company volunteering, conducting activities that help Dynamo Camp and the children, assist the partner to find the most suitable and efficient project of social responsibility
  • Put their experience in therapeutic recreation at the partners’ disposal for indoor/outdoor team building activities within the Camp and Dynamo Oasis.

Dynamo Academy’s profit goes to supporting Dynamo Camp, covering in part its management costs and in part financing the therapeutic recreational activities: http://www.dynamoacademy.org/en/

Visit www.dynamocamp.org to learn more about Dynamo Camp.

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