SeriousFun Children’s Network

"I've heard it said that you can leave camp... but camp never leaves you." Spaghetti night is WAY more fun at CAMP. "Hey, me too!" At camp, kids can call "samesies" on almost anything! SeriousFun fun outdoors with bubbles

Around the world, the 30 camps and programs of SeriousFun Children’s Network encourage and enable children to reach beyond the barriers of their illnesses. These experiences prove to foster resilience, confidence, and independence—along with a renewed sense of community and hope.

When in-person camp programs were was disrupted by COVID-19, Newman’s Own Foundation provided SeriousFun an additional $1 million to help its 16 Member Camps provide virtual camp and family programs, live-streamed programs, virtual discussion groups, at-home resources, and camp-inspired activities to do at home.

Since the first camp, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, was founded by Paul Newman in 1988, the Network has provided more than 1.3 million camp experiences to children and their families from over 50 countries, spanning from Connecticut to Cambodia, totally free of charge!


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