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“Early in my life I was made to know that girl children are worthless and a burden to society. [Shining Hope’s] offerings have transformed my life, beyond the impact of providing my daughter with education. At the community center I am learning to read, and I got instruction and supplies to start a vegetable garden of my own. I [sell] vegetables, and that made my life much better because now I am the one providing my family with the income, which I am so proud about.”

- Helen Mbithe, Parent, Community Health Worker, Project Participant

Shining Hope for Communities provides free education for girls and a network of empowerment and poverty-alleviation programs in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. The organization believes that unlocking the potential of girls and women — and involving the entire community in the fight for gender equality — is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in this East African slum.

Their free Kibera School for Girls is at the center of several grassroots programs that serve people throughout the community. Shining Hope is one of the largest employers in Kibera, directly impacting over 40,000 people in 2012. In addition to the school, services include a health clinic, water and hygiene programs, a gender violence support program, micro-enterprise programs, and other community programs.


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