Newman’s Own Foundation has been supporting nutrition programs for more than 35 years, with the goal of helping to increase fresh food access and nutrition education in underserved communities.

COVID Crisis Response

Many of the organizations funded by Newman’s Own Foundation made a pivot in 2020 and responded directly to the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, like school shut-downs and rising unemployment. For example, Urban Creators in Philadelphia now provides fresh produce, hot meals, PPE, diapers, and social service navigation in its North Philly neighborhood. In Santa Fe, MoGro supplies residents of nearby tribal communities with personal protective equipment and emergency groceries.

Support for Leadership Development

Recently, the Foundation identified a need for professional and leadership development at nutrition-focused organizations. Internal training enables organizations to grow and to plan for a more sustainable future. In 2020, the organizations receiving grants for training were: Acta Non Verba (Oakland, CA); Green Village Initiative (Bridgeport, CT); Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (Bloomington, IN); Rid All Green Partnership (Bedford, OH); Soul Fire Farm (Petersburg, NY); The Food Project (Lincoln, MA); Truly Living Well (East Point, GA); and Urban Creators (Philadelphia, PA).

Nutrition Cohorts

As part of its nutrition focus, Newman’s Own Foundation formed its first Nutrition Cohort in 2014, aimed at helping organizations work together to create greater impact than any of them could do alone through peer learning, collaboration, sharing best practices, and coordinating efforts. Six nonprofits and one research university were part of this Cohort, addressing the challenges around nutrition.

More recently, Newman’s Own Foundation formed a Native American Nutrition Cohort consisting of nine nonprofit organizations that work on fresh food access, nutrition education, and food sovereignty in Native American communities. Food insecurity in these communities is particularly severe, where many Native households don’t have access to adequate food due to lack of money or other resources. Through this peer-learning model, meetings are facilitated by Newman’s Own Foundation, where the group shares experiences, builds relationships, and collaborates to help address issues and solve nutrition-related problems in their communities. The Cohort members include STAR School, which grows its own food and focuses on sustainability in its curriculum, and Running Strong for Native American Youth.

See the full list of cohort members and other organizations receiving funding.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Our grants focus on four areas where we see the potential for transformational change.

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