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“True leadership isn’t about titles. It’s about taking a chance, putting people first, and serving others.”

Danielle spent six years in the United States Army, achieving the rank of E-5, a Sergeant. Although proud of her rank, she felt disappointed in the lack of training to develop her leadership skills. When she left the Army, Danielle found work in Virginia, but felt out of place without a uniform. She searched for a sense of belonging by spending time with family and friends.

While talking with her best friend Jenna, Danielle learned about Team Rubicon, a veteran-based organization that does community service projects. She was curious and went to an event.
She was immediately welcomed by her fellow volunteers and spent two days clearing a hiking trail at a veterans retreat. Some of the people she worked with have since become her closest friends, and she was inspired to continue with Team Rubicon.
Over the course of several projects, Danielle became aware that she was developing the leadership skills she had longed for. While deployed to the Dallas Fort Worth area for tornado cleanup in January 2016, she found herself conducting damage assessments and leading a crew of 20 volunteers.
Danielle was selected by Team Rubicon to join the Clay Hunt Fellows Program. The year-long program focuses on leadership and self-discovery, and Danielle was empowered to design and manage projects. Her confidence, sense of purpose, and desire to lead have only grown stronger through her work with Team Rubicon. Danielle summed it up:
“Team Rubicon empowered me and trusted me to get the job done. Because of that, I am forever changed. Not only am I more devoted to serving others, but I’m confident I can lead others in a way that will affect real change.”
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