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Once homeless, Oscar, a pot-bellied pig, now helps kids overcome their own challenges.

Oscar is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig from Newport, TN. He started life as many pigs do, on a farm. When the farmer passed away, though, nobody came to give Oscar a new home. He lived outdoors, elbow-deep in mud. A neighbor was able to provide some minor care, and the local animal rescue visited to feed him. But Oscar needed proper attention – his tusks were overgrown, he was isolated, and he needed a real home.

A New York-based animal rescue group arranged for help and foster care from a local veterinarian. Finally, he was driven to his new forever home at Green Chimneys, an educational facility in Brewster, NY, for children with emotional, behavioral, and social challenges. 

Animal-assisted therapy plays a large role at Green Chimneys, and the animals benefit as much as the children. At the Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center, Oscar now enjoys a clean pen (where he can hide treasures in the wood shavings), healthy diet, and lots of loving attention from staff and students… He’s surely happier than a pig in mud!

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