Creating Transformational Change

Newman’s Own Foundation is committed to using its resources as wisely as possible to help build a better future, and believes that its grants should have a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the challenges being addressed.

The Foundation’s funding approach includes the following:

Organizational Capacity Building
Grants are designed to nurture the effectiveness, impact, and long-term success of individual nonprofits, their leaders, and their sector overall. This is achieved through multi-year funding, sometimes in the form of a challenge grant. Newman’s Own Foundation works with the organization to develop and review strategic plans. Emphasis is placed on building fundraising capacity and assessing the organization’s leadership, governance, capabilities, and mission. The Foundation also supports communications efforts to help increase awareness of the organization’s impact.

Program Enhancement
Grants are designed to fund innovative and effective model programs with proven results, which can be replicated and contribute to solutions to issues addressed by the Foundation’s Focus Areas. These grants are made to organizations running programs with sufficient capabilities to have impact potential, while demonstrating sufficient need for support to replicate and expand. In addition to providing multi-year funding, Newman’s Own Foundation works with organizations to develop a program expansion plan, while continuously assessing success factors and challenges. The Foundation also supports organizations’ communications efforts to help increase awareness of program impact.

Community Partners Program
The Community Partners Program continues a generous tradition, started by the Foundation’s founder, Paul Newman. At the end of each year he would invite grant recommendations from people he knew and trusted. Today, this program expands the geographic and programmatic reach of Newman’s Own Foundation by accessing the knowledge and experience of a group of advisors who provide the Foundation with grant recommendations across the U.S. and around the world.



Newman’s Own Foundation uses the power of giving to help transform lives and nourish the common good.

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